Growing capital through the implementation of proven real estate systems




Majestic RE Investments LLC is a real estate investment and solutions firm.  We offer a myriad of solutions and expertise to many problems, markets, sub-markets.  We primarily focus on adding value to any market or community that we are involved in. Short sale negotiations and acquisitions, remodeling and restoring, leasing, new development, and providing temporary (Rentals) housing for our guests (residents) and permanent housing for our buyers (homewoners)--  these are the primary ways that we add value to markets and communities. We believe a successful company is first built by building people and adding value to them first; as a result, we build a successful company.


At Majestic RE Investments, LLC, we believe there is a way of doing things and then there is a Majestic way of doing things. Here, we believe in doing things the Majestic way. While we always welcome new ideas, styles, and varying methods, we have a way of doing things that we have tried and believe we are always perfecting. We value people and, more importantly, we value Jesus Christ his Majesty.